Whether you are sprucing up your home for the season or to sell it, curb appeal matters. But improving your home’s exterior appearance doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Before you go digging and repainting, read this article to discover 5 mistakes homeowners make when landscaping for curb appeal. 

Mistake # 1: Your Yard Looks Like a Jungle

Your front yard is the first thing people see when arriving at your home. Unkempt yards and an unplanned garden area can quickly make a yard look like an unruly jungle. Even if you choose plants that are beautiful, a lack of planning for the space and upkeep can make the yard look messier overall. For example, when first planted, bushes, trees, and flowers will be much smaller. As these plants grow over the years, they fill in and start crowding one another.

To solve this problem, contract with a lawn care service to keep your yard looking great. Also, investing in landscaping design can add up to 20% to your home’s overall value.

Mistake # 2: Eyesore Blindness

Living in your home for a while, you can start to overlook eyesores because you’re familiar. These could be projects you started and haven’t finished or slow changes to your home’s overall appearance that you haven’t noticed. For example, a style that was popular when you purchased your home may now be outdated.

Your garage door is one major feature that can change the overall appearance of your home. If it’s in need of a deep clean or replacing altogether, this will stick out to those who see it. Luckily, You recoup up to 91% of your expenses when you upgrade your garage door. 

Other potential eyesores may include: 

  • Unfinished/peeling paint jobs 
  • Plants that are all out of season at the same time
  • Cracked, uneven driveways 
  • Dilapidated carports 

Mistake #3:  Bad Paint Color

Color affects how people feel and perceive your home. It also affects how well onlookers such as potential buyers can see themselves in a home like yours. The top home colors in 2022 are warm earthy tones, dark grays, and creamy whites.

Avoid paint colors that are too eccentric or don’t fit the neighborhood. Neutral colors also allow you to add character with flowers and decorations that can be easily changed at other times.

Mistake #4: Personal Decorations

Personal decorations are another landscaping mistake that can be distracting. You don’t want passersby or potential home buyers to get caught up on a temporary feature, especially if your home has great character overall. The items you choose to feature outside of your home should work to accentuate the space, not distract from it. 

Personal decor items to be cautious about include:

  • Religious or political signs
  • Garden decor items like gnomes, flamingos, and figurines
  • Fake flowers or plants
  • Clutter such as tools, personal items, etc.

Mistake #5: Dirty House

Over time, the siding on your home accumulates dirt and grime. You may start seeing dark spots on the wood or even mildew/algae build-up. Giving your home a good pressure wash on a regular basis could brighten up the paint and make it look more appealing. Depending on your home exterior, you may want to consult an expert to avoid water pressure damage. 

Give Your Home a Face Lift for Improved Curb Appeal

Garage Door Curb Appeal

Decorating and landscaping for curb appeal can seem daunting at first but it doesn’t have to be. Start by tackling the projects that will have the best and most immediate visual impact. For example, garage doors are a huge focal point and can change the entire appearance of your home.

At American Garage Door, we specialize in garage door upgrades. Our experienced staff will help you decide the style, color, and durability you’re after for a price within your budget. Contact us today for more information.