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There’s nothing more inconvenient than a broken garage door, so call American Garage Door for same-day, even 24/7 emergency garage door repairs in Denver. We’ve seen and fixed it all, from springs that need replacing to misaligned tracks and dented door panels. Based on the issue you describe, a trained technician will inspect your system, pinpoint the problem and repair your garage door.

Garage Door Repairs that Require Our Expertise

If your garage door problem goes beyond putting new batteries in the remote, we recommend calling us for garage door repairs. Heavy doors can fall and crush you, while springs can snap and shift in violent, unpredictable ways. Here are just a few garage door repairs that require professional assistance:

  • Broken Springs – A snapping spring sounds like a firecracker going off in your garage, while a worn spring will cause your door to resist being opened or closed and not remain in position.
  • Broken Cables – Cables issues indicate a problem with your springs. If you don’t have repairs completed right away, both can break, risking the door slamming down on you or your car.
  • Misaligned Track – Over time or due to an accidental bump, tracks can be bent or forced out of alignment. Listen for scraping or squealing noises and check if your door slows at a certain spot.
  • Door Damage – Dented panels, broken windows, damaged trim and more. If your garage door has seen better days, we’ll do our best to provide repairs instead of replacing the entire door.
Broken Gate Repair
Broken Garage Door Spring

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How to Prevent the Need for Garage Door Repairs

At American Garage Door, we also provide ongoing maintenance to help prevent issues. Whether you’re a current or new customer, you can count on us for a 10-Point Maintenance Check:

  • Inspect all rails, springs, chains and cables
  • Check and adjust door for correct balance
  • Clean, lubricate and tune all moving parts
  • Check the tracks for bends or misalignment
  • Tighten screws and fasteners as needed
  • Open, inspect and adjust the motor head
  • Check gear and sprocket for signs of wear
  • Adjust and clean photo-eye if necessary
  • Visually inspect for full operational safety
  • Test remotes, switches, lights and opener

Whether your door is stuck or hasn’t been serviced in years, give American Garage Door a call any time of the day or night for garage door repairs in Denver. We offer quality work at affordable prices.