Residential Garage Door Panel Replacement

Many things that can damage your car door, from falling tree branches to balls to your car. If something has dented your garage door, you may be bracing for the expensive replacement of the full door. However, you may have another option – updating only the damaged panel sections on your garage door. 

At American Garage Door, we work with you to find the best solution for repairing your damaged garage door. In many cases, you can skip the cost of purchasing a new door and only replace the section that is damaged. Our expert team of technicians can help you determine if replacing a panel will work for you – contact us today to get started. 

garage door panel repair

New Door or Panel Replacement – What to Consider

If you’ve damaged your garage door, there are a few factors that influence whether you will need to replace the door or simply repair panels. Before diving into repairs, the damage should always be assessed by a professional from American Garage Door who can help you determine which option is right for you. 

The Age of the Garage Door 

If you have an older garage door, replacement parts may be difficult to find and more expensive. If you’ve damaged a panel on an old garage door, talk to an expert to determine whether it’s more cost-effective to replace a panel or get a new door now. If the door will need to be replaced in a few years, it may be worth skipping a potentially costly short-term repair and upgrading the door instead. 

The Extent of the Damage

If damage to your newer garage door is limited to only one panel, it’s likely the perfect candidate for panel repair, which will save you the cost of having to buy a whole door. However, if two or more panels were damaged, replacing those panels may exceed the cost of installing a new door. A maintenance technician will help you determine which option is best for your door. 

The Aesthetics of the Door 

Over time, exposure to the sun and other weather elements will cause your door to fade or the color to change. It may be challenging to find a panel that is an exact match for the faded paint color, so there may be some color differences between the new panel and the older ones. If you want a uniform paint color, it’s important to factor the potential cost of repainting the garage door into your budget as well.

Starting Your Panel Replacement with American Garage Door

If you need to repair a panel in your garage door, our team is here to help. We can help you determine whether replacing a panel is necessary and will work with you to replace the panel so your garage door looks like new. Contact us today for a free, no-pressure evaluation of the damage.