Residential Garage Door Spring Replacement

If your garage door has stopped opening, a broken spring is likely to blame. Every residential garage door comes equipped with springs, and when one breaks, your garage door won’t be able to open correctly. 

Fortunately, repairing the garage door is as simple as replacing the broken spring. American Garage Door offers speedy, professional garage door spring replacement so you can get your garage door working again as soon as possible.

Broken Garage Door SpringGarage Door Spring Types

Most garage doors either have an extension or torsion spring. Extension springs are long, skinny springs that run parallel to each horizontal door track. These springs are loaded, or put under tension, by stretching. Alternatively, torsion springs are thicker springs on a metal rod parallel and above the door opening. These springs are loaded by twisting to create torque. 

Both types of springs are common parts of residential garage doors, and both can be replaced by a professional from American Garage Door. Our experts can help you determine your spring type for a quick and easy garage door fix.

wayne dalton torquemasterWayne Dalton Torquemaster Springs

If your garage door is made by Wayne Dalton, your springs will look different than the traditional extension or torsion springs. Wayne Dalton garage doors use Torquemaster springs, which are integrated into a tube so they are not externally visible. While these springs may look different, they are of the same quality and have a similar lifespan as torsion or extension springs. 

Many garage door companies are not trained to replace Torquemaster springs and will charge you extra to convert your garage door to a traditional torsion assembly. The team of mechanics at American Garage Door are trained and qualified to work with Torquemaster springs and can quickly repair your Wayne Dalton garage door without any costly spring conversions.

Should You DIY or Call a Professional?

While it is possible to replace a garage door spring yourself, it can be hazardous if you’re not familiar with the process. Garage door springs are under tension, meaning that they can cause harm if not removed properly. 

Unless you’re a garage door maintenance pro, we recommend contacting a professional like American Garage Door if you need to replace your garage door springs. An expert technician can quickly and safely replace your garage door springs, saving you the trouble and danger of the DIY option. 

Spring Replacement with American Garage Door

If your garage door is broken, the experts at American Garage Door are here to help. Our experienced team works with you to diagnose and fix the problem, whether it’s caused by broken springs or another mechanical problem. Reach out now for a speedy, professional repair.