Garage Door Screens By Lifestyle Screens

Garage Door Screens by Lifestyle Screens

American Garage Door, Denver, Colorado

Instantly transform your garage into the extra square footage you need with durable, affordable garage door screens by Lifestyle Screens. An American Garage Door expert will help you choose the perfect size, color and screen fabric for your Denver home, as well as potentially provide a same-day installation when available.  Call us today for details.

garage door screens Denver ColoradoWhile there are similar products out there, here are 10 great reasons why we offer garage door screens by Lifestyle Screens to our customers:

  1.  Works with an existing garage door
  2.  Spring loaded, no wires or remotes
  3.  Easily opens and closes in seconds
  4.  Affordable for nearly every budget
  5.  Door-within-a-door for easy access
  6.  Durable, with easy to repair screens
  7.  Entirely out of sight when not in use
  8.  No effect on garage door height/use
  9.  Typically, no HOA approval needed
  10.  Same-day installation in most cases

If you’re ready to expand your living space without an expensive build-out or remodel, get in touch for more information and a free quote!

What Will You Create with Your Garage Door Screen?

With help from American Garage Door in Denver, the possibilities are truly endless. Create a man cave, crafting room, or workout space. Bring parties and gatherings outside or create a home theater room the whole family will enjoy. Need a play room for younger children or separate hang out zone for your teens? Don’t just imagine it. Make it happen with garage door screens by Lifestyle Screens.

Specs for Garage Door Screens by Lifestyle ScreensLifestyle Garage Door Screens Logo

This product comes in sizes that fit most garages and offers options to fit the style of any home.

  • Frame Sizes: 7-10 feet in height x 6-18 feet wide
  • Frame Colors: White, Brown and Sandstone
  • Screen Fabrics:
    • Fiberglass in Charcoal (Standard) – Enables airflow to keep your garage comfortable
    • PVC-Coated Polyester in White/Black – Durable, great for pets, provides extra privacy

To maximize durability, function and ease of use, Lifestyle Screens are built using 2” x 2” architectural grade aluminum (corrosion resistant) with a baked-on finish to further protect it from the elements.