Tips on selling your home usually gravitate toward spring and summertime selling. During that time of year, houses seem to fly off the shelf. But what about when you want (or need) to sell your home during the fall or winter months? Here are some tips to help you get the most for your investment, even during the offseason.

1. Don’t Leave Anything to the Imagination

Most buyers are not looking to take on large projects or renovations when they move into a new home. Some paint needing an update here and there may be acceptable, but primarily, people want homes they can see themselves in tomorrow.

Help potential buyers envision themselves in your home with staging. Rooms without furniture may look smaller and less exciting because there is no contrast. Staging with furniture helps to kindle imagination, define the space, and accentuate its best features.

2. Keep Walkways Safe & Appealing

Leaves and snow leave your walkways full of hazards. Prevent leafy buildup by using a leaf blower or rake regularly. In harsher weather conditions, clear ice and snow from walkways before potential buyers see it. Not only does this make your yard safer and more presentable, but it also helps buyers understand that the snow and property cleanup is manageable.

Some homes feature heated walkways and driveways that melt snow. Home buyers will be thrilled to know about the extra perk if something like this falls within your budget.

02 Ready to Move? 5 Tips on Selling Your Home During Fall & Winter

3. Invest in Curb Appeal That Pays Off

In the fall and winter, weather conditions often make it harder to maintain sparkling curb appeal. Some plants and trees may be out of season and more stripped down. This is where proactive planning during the warmer months can pay off. Consider planting bushes and flowers that are tough enough to last throughout the colder months. Impressive landscaping can raise your home’s value and help home buyers view your house as their own home.

Next, make sure the exterior of your home is well-maintained. There is no better time to invest in a fresh coat of paint than before you sell. Take the opportunity to repair any damaged siding or garage door panels.

Garage doors are major focal points of your exterior, and a door with damage can be a visual blight. If a garage door repair can’t rectify the issue, consider a complete upgrade. Homeowners that replace garage doors before selling can receive a 90%+ return on their investment. New doors will last you 15+ years and give your home the unique appeal to stand out in a crowded market.

4. Display Photos of Your Home in the Spring & Summer

This tip on selling your home will take some pre-planning. If you know that you’ll be listing your home in the winter, take high-quality pictures of your home in the summer or spring. Then display those photos in frames or a coffee table album during a showing. This helps you showcase your home at its best, communicating to potential buyers that it looks beautiful during all seasons of the year.

5. Make Your Home Welcoming

The winter and fall skies are usually overcast and the days get shorter, decreasing natural light. Accordingly, the light in your home will be less than ideal. Keep windows open and unobstructed for as long as possible during the day, and use mirrors to make spaces feel larger by bouncing light around the room.

For those guests coming by in the late afternoon/evening, place lamps and light fixtures in corners that you know tend to get a little dark. Choose lightbulbs that flatter your home decor and make the space feel bright and inviting.

Details are everything! Though there are fewer sunlight hours during the fall and winter, a lack of natural light can be a great time to show off the romance of your home. Use the autumn season to your advantage by showing off your home’s best cold weather features. Light the fireplace, warm some cinnamon and vanilla candles, and use thick throw blankets in the decor—anything to set a cozy, comfortable mood.

Don’t forget the yard! Landscaping lights and well-lit patio areas provide an extra layer of safety and visibility. Plus, they will make your home even more appealing.

Value-Adding Tips on Selling Your Home

With these tips, you can use the colder, cozier season to your advantage, encouraging buyers to see your home as the perfect one for them.

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